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Abilene Sweetwater Dallas Newborn Photographer

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Congratulations on a very special time!  Newborn photos are a lifetime keepsake that will be looked at for generations to come. It is so important to document your child’s life at every stage, because they just grow up so fast, newborns especially. They are so delicate, so tiny, so sleepy and all curled up. NOW is your one chance to capture that moment before it passes you by.  So, why should you hire a newborn photographer? Newborn photography is its own breed, and it is not for every photographer…even if they do offer it.  Newborn photography requires a different type of learning curve and skill than any other photography, and a heck of a lot of patience. Just because someone is a great photographer, does not mean they are a great newborn photographer also.  I can’t tell you the number of times clients tell me “you are so patient” or “you’re like the baby whisperer”.. and it warms my heart when they do, because they recognize my skill and passion.

1. Portfolio

Every newborn photographer has a different style and vision.  Photography is a very personal experience, and regardless of trends or what is in ‘style’ make sure that you choose a photographer that’s right for you.This is a moment in time that you will never be able to get back – so take your time, find the photography style that you love, as these photographs will become a part of your family history for generations. *Ask to see their portfolio.  We are all guilty of posting our very best images on Facebook and our websites.  Every photographer wants to show off their client’s very best images!  *Look for red flags.  Is the photographer giving away free sessions?  Are there a lot of images in black and white (often used to hide technical imperfections)?  Are the images over processed?

2. Testimonials and References

Once you have narrowed down your choices, why not ask for testimonials or references?  As well as being a skilled photographer, the individual photographing your newborn will also be a caregiver for your infant during the 2-3 hour session, posing, soothing, and handling the most important and fragile person in your life.

3. Experience

An experienced newborn photographer will know all of the industry secrets about posing, soothing and most importantly safety for your newborn. There are many workshops and newborn photography courses that are available for photographers that cover topics like safety and comfort of your child during the session.   This is why references can be so important!

4. Investment

This is the last thing we mention, for a reason.  The investment of a newborn session differs from photographer to photographer, and where you live. Although cost is a factor and rightfully so, try not to make it the only factor.

These photographs will be in your family for generations, they will be shown again in 30 years time at your child’s wedding, then resurface when your child is expecting their own baby.  When you hold these photographs in 35-40 years time, you will close your eyes and be able to recall everything about your child when they were newborns – their baby ‘smell’, the warmth of their bodies, their little fingers and toes.  These photographs will not only serve as documentation – they will serve as food for your soul.  Although cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Choose a professional newborn photographer that will provide you with stunning images that you can’t live without.