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8 Tips from CAVU Photography for Taking Great Photos | Pensacola Newborn Photographer

8 Tips from CAVU Photography for Taking Great Photos

We asked premier newborn photographer Whitney Jeleniewski, of CAVU Photography, located in Pensacola, Florida for advice on taking great baby photos. Her tips and tricks can help you capture memories that’ll last a lifetime.



Be a Scout and “Always be prepared”
Keep your camera handy at all times.  I always keep mine out and ready on a high hutch.  That way it’s ready to go, but still safely away from siblings and 4 legged babies.  Those “moments” happen spontaneously, have your camera out and ready to go.

Let there be light
Open the shades!  Let in the light!  That soft, natural sunlight is so much more glorious than the harsh snap of a flash.

Go early or late
You’ve heard of the Golden Hour?  One hour after sunrise or one before sunset is the best time to capture that soft golden glow on your baby’s chubby little cheeks!

Get low, get low, get low
For a more personal point of view, all you need to do is to crouch down to child’s height to see the world anew.

Keep it simple
and keep your baby center stage.  Keep the props in the garage!

Don’t aim for  perfection
Focus more on a child’s expression and character, and less on making a shot absolutely perfect, and you’ll get a much better image, one that will truly capture a sense of their spirit.

Put yourself in the picture
Do try to include yourself in as many photographs with your family as possible. Your children will want to know what you looked like “way back then” when they were newborns and as they grew up. They’ll thank you for it later!

Back it up, back it in
Download your images regularly to a cloud.  I do. not. want to tell you how many families I’ve had call me hoping that I still have their family images from X amount of years ago, because their. harddrive. crashed.