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Pensacola Newborn Photographer
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So, you’ve scoured the internet to find THE perfect photographer to expertly capture your impending sweet arrival and you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite few.  So now what?  Now, you need to get down to the nitty gritty.  First and foremost when seeking a photographer, you want to make sure the photographer you choose will be experienced enough to capture your little one in all those cute poses safely.  Although poses of little ones resting their chins on their hands or hanging and standing upright in sweet bundled sacs look adorable, what’s more important is that they’re done as safely as possible.  After all, the subject and focus of these images is a priceless new bouncing bundle of joy!

  1.  Have you seen a FULL gallery (or two) (or three) from your photographer?  Your little bundle is only new once!  I’ve been asked to re-shoot newborns after my clients have chosen another photographer who was not up to snuff.  Sure!  We can all show our best one or two shots from a newborn shoot on Facebook, but what are you really getting into?  You’re investing a lot of money, waiting patiently for the gallery of your little one to arrive…and then…uh-oh…the images are not up to par?!  Save yourself the pain and ask to see a few galleries before signing on the dotted line!
  2. Do the babies in your photographer’s images look comfortable and not strained? A strained face, furrowed brow, color change in the face (towards red or purple) or claw like fingers can be indicators that babies are experiencing various levels of discomfort. Seeing a few of these characteristics in your photographer’s work may indicate that you need to keep looking.  Again, checking for this in a FULL gallery is key!
  3. Have you heard, from another NEWBORN client, that they had a pleasant experience AND positive results?  Let me say that again: NEWBORN client.  Photographing families and photographing newborns are two Very. Different. Animals.
  4. (Really 3A).   How were the results?  Having a positive experience is one thing, though important, experiences pass.  The results?  The results are your images and you’ll have those forever.