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Pensacola Newborn Photographer DIY Antler Hat

Hi fellow photogs!  Thanks for visiting:) This DIY is SUPER SIMPLE.  I thought it best to post the DIY here, as to not get myself in trouble in any FB groups or forums by posting something unrelated to the group’s product.  So, here it is:

DSC_0570P I N I T

I thought the pictures of the items dissected were key, in order to help you locate them.  I found them in the seasonal department of <groan> Walmart.  They were located in the ornaments section.  I could not locate these items online, I believe, because they are so inexpensive, it isn’t worth it for them to stock them online:(  We have two stores in town, one store had them, one did not.  So…happy hunting!

I took simple wire cutters and cut off a few berries and the burlap, I then cut off the bells (I was scared they’d startle baby) and loops from the antlers.  I glued the berries and burlap onto a rectangular piece of cardboard.    I then glued the antlers on.   I thought cardboard would be best as it was sturdy enough to “hold” the antlers on.  I then trimmed the cardboard as best I could and edited the rest out post-process using the clone tool.

Once I had my “piece” I used a bobby pins, because they slid through the corrugated part of the cardboard on one side and the knit hat on the other side!   I also didn’t have to “ruin” my hat.  Now, I can still use it without my antlers on it.

boxP I N I T pinP I N I T DSC_0814P I N I T DSC_0812P I N I T DSC_0811P I N I T

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