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Pensacola Newborn Photographer – Best Pediatrician in Pensacola #bestofthecoast

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How will I know if a doctor recommended by someone else will be suitable for us?

This questions comes up a LOT with my maternity clients and if you’re like me, you’re always asking friends, family and neighbors for recommendations.  Recommendations for a plumber, child care, schools, electricians.   But, when looking at recommendations for your Pediatrician, how do you decide who is right for you and YOUR family?  People look for different things in doctors, and what’s most important for you may not even be on someone else’s radar. So rather than just gathering a list of names, try asking some probing questions of whoever makes the recommendation, such as:

  • How does your child respond to the doctor?
  • Does the doctor seem to enjoy working with children?
  • Does the doctor seem to know about the latest medical advances?
  • Does the doctor welcome questions?
  • Does the doctor take time to discuss problems and listen to your concerns?
  • If it’s a group practice, do you know and like the other doctors?
  • Is the office staff patient and helpful?
  • How long do you usually have to wait?
  • Is the waiting room pleasant and kid-friendly?
  • Is parking plentiful and convenient?
  • Is there anything you don’t like or wish was different about your child’s doctor or her practice?

The answers you get can help narrow your list to the handful of doctors you’d like to meet in person.

While I am COMPLETELY biased, we’ve loved visiting Dr. Sarah Waite at the West Florida Medical Group and Dr. Jodi Picasso at Pensacola Pediatrics!  Please tell them we sent you!  #bestpensacolapediatricians #bestpensacolanewbornphotographer #pensacolanewbornphotographer #pensacolababyphotographer