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Can your newborn photographer help you get from here          to                there?

Questions To Ask

Congratulations!  Expecting a child is undoubtedly the most exciting time in your life and you must have a million questions about newborn photography; what it is, how to hire a newborn photographer, where to find one, and what to look for.  Well, this is the place for you!  Lets start by highlighting a few questions that you might want to ask your potential newborn photographers, in hopes of narrowing down someone that is right for you!

1. Portfolio

Ask to see their portfolio, or just take some time and go through their website.  Every newborn photographer has a different style and vision.  Photography is a very personal experience, and regardless of trends or what is in ‘style’ make sure that you choose a photographer that’s right for you. Choose a newborn photographer whose work you can’t live without – that pulls on your heart strings, and speaks to you.  This is a moment in time that you will never be able to get back – so take your time, find the photography style that you love, as these photographs will become a part of your family history for generations.

2. Testimonials & References

Once you have narrowed down your choices, why not ask for testimonials or references?  As well as being a skilled photographer, the individual photographing your newborn will also be a caregiver for your infant during the 2-3 hour session, posing, soothing, and handling the most important and fragile person in your life.

3. Experience

Ask how long they have been in business, and what education they have.  An experienced newborn photographer will know all of the industry secrets about posing, soothing and most importantly safety for your newborn. There are many workshops and newborn photography courses that are available for photographers that cover topics like safety and comfort of your child during the session – why not ask where they learned their skills from?  This is an important question, and will help you decide if they are right fit for you.

4. Investment

This is the last thing we mention, for a reason.  The investment of a newborn session differs from photographer to photographer, and where you live. Although cost is a factor and rightfully so, try not to make it the only factor.

These photographs will be in your family for generations, they will be shown again in 30 years time at your child’s wedding, then resurface when your child is expecting their own baby.  When you hold these photographs in 35-40 years time, you will close your eyes and be able to recall everything about your child when they were newborns – their baby ‘smell’, the warmth of their bodies, their little fingers and toes.  These photographs will not only serve as documentation – they will serve as food for your soul.  Although cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Choose a professional newborn photographer that will provide you with stunning images that you can’t live without.


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Here at CAVU Photography we are members of the PRINT Movement!  Statistics show that a staggering 53% of consumers haven’t printed a photo in more than 12 months, 70% don’t have photo albums, and 42% no longer print photos at all. We are essentially raising a generation conditioned to not print photographs. It’s time to change the trend and spread the message by printing your favorite photographs and storing them in beautiful albums.

At CAVU Photography we make this dream an easy reality for busy families!  Using state-of-the-art software we take the beautiful images from your session and help you curate gorgeous, heirloom albums and wall galleries and gifts for your family.
Not convinced?  Here are 3 reasons why you should print your pictures to preserve them:

The Threat of Digital Data Loss

A large majority of our pictures and files that we have are now stored in computers or uploaded unto the cloud.  Facebook, Instagram, and many other applications have made it very simple to take a picture from our mobile devices which will be uploaded instantly on their platform.  The ease by which pictures are taken, stored and shared have made us rely heavily on these platforms to preserve our precious memories.

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, advised internet users to begin preserving digital data, such as photographs, or risk losing them forever.  “We stand to lose a lot of our history. If you think about the quantity of documentation from our daily lives which is captured in digital form, like our interactions by email, people’s tweets, all of the World Wide Web, then if you wanted to see what was on the web in 1994 you’d have trouble doing that. A lot of the stuff disappears,” he warned.

The internet is not the only problem.  Computers and hard drives crash all the time.  Smart phones and tablets get lost or destroyed.  “Digital files can never be as secure as something you can hold,” shares one user on Quora.

Lost to the Digital Graveyard

I came across several blogs and articles that talked about how the pictures get buried in the digital graveyard.  The words “buried” and “digital graveyard” were a resounding buzz word in these articles that date back to 2013.

It’s so easy to take and store photos these days that we can generate hundreds of pictures in one day alone.  But what happens after?  What happens after you’ve taken the picture?  Do you upload them to a social media platform?  Do you keep them locked away in your hard drive?  Will you look at those pictures again after a month?

To be perfectly honest, I have so many pictures stored in my computer that I haven’t looked at for a long time.  And even if I do want to look through them, there are now thousands of them so just the thought of going through all those photos is already quite exhausting.

In the days of photographic film, you had to choose the perfect shot otherwise you’d lose that moment forever.  You would invest a lot of care and thought for each photograph, because you had a limited amount of film.  Since it’s now so easy to take pictures, even the most random and irrelevant things get photographed.  Can you just imagine printing a roll of film filled with just your selfies and laying those pictures out on a photo album?  These “fluff” pictures take up a lot of your space and bury the most important pictures in your digital vault.  And the reality is that you never get to look at them anymore.

Print has an “actual” presence

Printing gives life to your pictures.  It’s hard to ignore a picture when it’s mounted on your wall or if it’s in a frame at your desk.  The memory stored in the picture adds character to wherever you put it, which is why many DIY home design articles include personalizing your home by framing your pictures and displaying them in different rooms.

Printed photos are inspiring.  In one of our recent blog posts, we talked about printing inspirational quotes and displaying them in areas of your home where it’s easy to view to give you a daily dose of inspiration.  Photographs have the same – if not better – effect.  Seeing the smiles on the faces of loved ones or having a visual reminder of that one specific memory is heartwarming and inspiring.

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MotherP I N I T



Pensacola Newborn PhotographerP I N I T


One 11×14 lustre coated print.  Your print will be mounted to ensure durability and ease of framing and specially coated to ensure years of protection to your heirloom print’s surface. 

Untitled-1P I N I T

Hand-cut, semi-precious ocean quartz set in shiny gold creates an classic piece for mom’s wardrobe. This beautifully detailed locket can be worn as a charm or a pendant with (or without) a photo inside.  Please note, chain is not included.
raineysP I N I T

We want to make your session seamless and easy on you!  All sessions INCLUDE styling from Rainey’s Closet, located here in Pensacola!  Rainey’s Closet’s highly skilled stylists will match your children with perfectly coordinating dresses (for the girls) and outfits (for the boys) at no extra charge!

Many other products will be available to purchase separately at special Limited Edition pricing, including prints, canvases, and digital images.   Digital packages starting at $80.

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This mamma was worried.
Worried about how her daughter would act during the shoot.
Worried about the outfits.
Worried about makeup and hair.

What was I worried about?


It’s too short.
It goes by too fast.

Those squishy, chubby, edible cheeks will soon be wearing
Those tiny, stubby fingers will soon be waving

I told this mamma
Just hold her and snuggle.

There is no replay.
There is no rewind.



DSC_2509-Recovered copyP I N I T

Pensacola Newborn Photographer | Pensacola Beach Photographer

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Are you part of the LOST GENERATION?

Pensacola Newborn Photographer CAVU PhotographyP I N I T

It’s not just affecting today’s youth. 42% of people between the ages of 30 and 44 will likely look back and wonder where photos of their childhood, holiday get-togethers, relatives and friends have gone decades from now

  • 67% store their photos solely on a computer or phone
  • 53% of consumers have not printed a photo in more than 12 months
  • 70% don’t have photo albums
  • 42% no longer print photos at all

I hear it all the time – “We’re a DIGITAL family.”  And I get it.  I do.  My family is, too.  But, we’re also a MEMORY family.  In 10 years will you be gathered around your Facebook timeline looking at pictures of your daughter as a newborn?  In 10 years will you be looking at your Instagram account reliving that week at the beach?  In 10 years will you still have all those pictures that you “backed up” on your iphone or your ipad or your computer that crashed?  Will you?   Where will those images be in 10, 20, or 30 years?   Will you daughter be able to take that thumb drive to college and display her family images proudly on her nightstand?  After your son gets married, will he be able to proudly display pictures of him and his parents and siblings on the wall of his new home?  Think about it next time you spend $500 for a disc of thumb drive of images.   Did you REALLY print those images like you said you would?  Or will they be part of the LOST GENERATION?

CAVU Photography strongly believes in the power of print.  We’ll help you sort through all of your images and make final decisions on what will work in your home.  We’ll pair images together for stunning wall galleries, beautiful prints, and heirloom quality albums.  The best part?  It’s ALL INCLUDED when you book with CAVU Photography.


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