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Pensacola Newborn Photographer – SAY NO TO CARP


“Carp is the so-called rough fish – not good for eating and generally considered a nuisance because it takes resources away from the more desirable sport fish. Carping- that nonproductive complaining we all fall into at times- is also a nusiance.” ~Jane Gaboury April PPA Magazine

I don’t wanna hear your carp!  She copied me, don’t go to *her* workshop, nobody likes me, etc. Photographers and blossoming photographers don’t listen to the carp! We’ve all been there and thought- “OMG was that post about ME?!” No, it wasn’t. Don’t be bullied and scared into quitting. You keep on keepin’ on, keep on shooting, keep on improving, keep on getting there! Because you ARE getting there. You ARE!


Abilene Newborn Photographer