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Pensacola Newborn Photographer | Womb to the Wild

At first glance the idea of taking your precious newborn’s picture outdoors seems simple, but if you’ve ever headed out midday and tried to snap a few glowing shots you may have discovered there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Take a look atthese suggestions for upping the odds you’ll end up with the photos of your dreams:

1) Any top-notch newborn photographer know that keeping your baby warm is essential!  While summer is sweltering to us, a peaceful, warm morning shoot may be just what your photographer will need!

2) Your photographer will assist in picking a location with limited distractions. City beaches and parks are beautiful, however they tend to keep baby awake if there are people and pets walking by.  TRUST your photographer will pick a spot that is peaceful and beautiful!

Pensacola Newborn Photographer Destin Newborn PhotogapherP I N I T

Pensacola Newborn Photographer
Destin Newborn Photogapher


3) I always ask clients to show up early to feed baby so that we can get started on a full belly.  Don’t be surprised if your photographer asks to use a pacifier, as this can be very helpful when attempting to achieve those oh-so-sleepy poses. Of course, don’t be afraid to say no if you feel that it may interfere with nursing.

4) Outdoor newborn sessions can be exciting and new for many!  But, safety comes FIRST!  If you decide to go with a photographer who is trying something new or hasn’t worked with babies, be sure to stay in close range of baby at all times just in case your little one decides to roll.