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Pensacola Newborn Photographer | DIY Antler Hat

Hi fellow photogs!  Thanks for visiting:) I’d seen newborn antler hat versions for sale all over the internet, but I thought it looked like something I could do and put my own touch on!  Turns out this DIY is SUPER SIMPLE.    So, here it is:

pensacola-newborn-photographer-oster-7P I N I T

I thought the pictures of the items dissected were key, in order to help you locate them.  I found them in the seasonal department of <groan> Walmart.  They were located in the ornaments section.  I could not locate these items online, I believe, because they are so inexpensive, it isn’t worth it for them to stock them online:(  We have two stores in town, one store had them, one did not.  So…happy hunting!

I took simple wire cutters and cut off a few berries and the burlap, I then cut off the bells (I was scared they’d startle baby) and loops from the antlers.  I glued the berries and burlap onto a rectangular piece of cardboard.    I then glued the antlers on.   I thought cardboard would be best as it was sturdy enough to “hold” the antlers on.  I then trimmed the cardboard as best I could.

Once I had my “piece” I used a bobby pins, because they slid through the corrugated part of the cardboard on one side and the knit hat on the other side!   I also didn’t have to “ruin” my hat.  Now, I can still use it without my antlers on it.

boxP I N I T pinP I N I T DSC_0814P I N I T DSC_0812P I N I T DSC_0811P I N I T

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