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Pensacola Childrens Photographer RESIZEP I N I T

Today I met with a client.  She really wanted to hire me.  But, she explained to me, her husband was not as convinced that they needed the newborn photographer she so passionately wanted.  This stopped me in my tracks.  She wanted me to give her a compelling reason to tell her husband.  She really wanted my help.  But, I sat there, without some amazing response.  All I could think of was, “Well, because I’m a freaking awesome photographer.”

I talked with a photographer friend about this.   What reasons can I give clients who just don’t want to spend that extra money on this luxury?  I can’t just say, “Because I’m awesome.”   “Yes,”  my friend said.  “Yes, you can.  Because that’s exactly why they should hire you.  Because you ARE awesome.  You see things in a way that normal people Do.  Not. See. Them.  You have this amazing, gentle, way of handling babies.  You pose them in a way that you see every little detail.  You photograph that beautiful face and tiny toes and back wrinkle and eyelashes the way no mom or dad with a ‘fancy camera’ will ever be able to do.  You see things differently.  You are awesome and that’s exactly why they should hire you.”

I watch many clients hire others because they’ve found someone who is willing to do it for free, or provide their newborn photography at a lesser cost.  They’ve found someone who will give them 50 digital photos of their baby for $100.  They have a mom or a sister-in-law with an “expensive camera” who will capture a few snapshots that are “good enough”.  I am a mom on a budget, too, who tries to provide what’s needed and all that fun extra stuff as well.   I am sensitive to those who are on a budget and I totally get it.   I can’t purchase everything I want right away either.  Anyone in life who wants a luxury has to work for it if they want it bad enough!  SO many of us don’t question the cost on most luxuries (did your husband really ask for your input on the 65″ tv he just bought).  We just aim for that goal of getting it.

Not everyone looks at photography as a luxury. Not everyone cares about the details photographers put into producing their art.  Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely NOT! But I care and I have clients that care. What I see and what you see will never be the same! I pour everything inside me into every single image I make. I want there to be a story told when you look at my photograph. When you look at YOUR photograph.

What you see and what I see will always be different. That is what makes my photograph a piece of art.